Minutes April – 2018

April 9th, 2018 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President, Carole Hamilton, at 10:00 am. at the Presbyterian Church.  She welcomed everyone and thanked the Hospitality ladies for the refreshments.  A motion was made by Patsy Kobs and seconded by Jeannine Lacasse to accept the March minutes as written in the newsletter.  Vote taken and motion carried.

Treasurer, Roxana Pressnell:  Roxana reported that the bank balance is $4,058.60 as of April 9th, 2018. An amended motion was made to move $66.54 from Professional Training to Door Prizes and $15.65 from Professional Training to Annual Quilt Project.  A motion was made to accept this motion by Roxana Pressnell and seconded by Cecelia Bradford.  Vote taken, motion carried.

Membership, Joan Izzi/Diane Hunter :  Joan said there was 25 of 47 members present and 3 guests.

Newsletter, Sharon Beecher:  We thank Sharon for a job well done on the Newsletter.  The position is open if someone would like to offer please contact Bettina Carter.

Historian/Facebook, Kim Johnson:  Kim decided to stay as Historian/Facebook for our Guild.  We are very grateful to her since she is doing such a good job.  Kim said that she added a lot of free Tutorials on Facebook that members can check out.

Community Project-Fidget blankets, Andrea Karwoski:  Carole Hamilton picked up 2 fidget blankets in the absence of Andrea.  Thank you for remembering our Alzheimer patients.

Community Project, baby quilts and toiletries: In the absence of Kathy, Carole will deliver the 3 baby quilts that were donated and she personally has a lot of toiletries to deliver also.

Publicity, Gloria Carden:   Since Gloria was absent no one knew if the announce was in the newspaper.

Hospitality- Door Prize winners:  Carole Izatt, Debbie Yff, Roxana Pressnell, Patsy Kobs and Kim Johnson.

Used Rotary blades Project, Diane Hunter:  Thank you for continuing to bring your used rotary blades to Diane.

Challenge:  The quilts are at the City Hall and High Cotton until October and then will be moved to the Square for the Bicentennial Celebration.

Audit:  Carole Hamilton asked Pam Edmonds to do the audit for us, since it needs to be 2 people to do the audit Pam will find someone else to be with her.

There is a new Modern Quilt Guild formed, if you need information contact Debbie Yff.

Elections:  Carole Hamilton opened the floor for nominations for Officers.  Since there was no one else offering, a vote was taken and a motion carried to approve the following Officers: President-Bettina Carter, Co-Vice Presidents-Debbie Yff and Kim Johnson, Treasurer-Terri Lapointe, Secretary-Renee Kilpatrick. Some of the non-elected offices are vacant, if you are interested please contact our New President, Bettina Carter.

May is our Birthday Celebration.  It’s potluck, please bring a dish to share.  If you would like to share your recipe, just bring a written copy of your recipe.  See you next month. We had Show and Tell and then Patsy Kobs finished the class on Organization in your work area.

Carole Izatt, Secretary

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Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month.
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