May 2018 President’s Postings

Permit me to begin this note by telling everyone how very excited I am for our Guild and the year to come. It is an honor and a privilege to be the President of this group. We have a great set of Officers and Committee Heads and an outstanding membership body to go forward into this next year to have fun, learn new things and be part of some other activities that will bring recognition to our Guild and the talent that is here! As I have told many of you this is the first time I have ever been a member of a Guild and was very drawn to the friendly people here who are so gifted yet so happy to share what they know.

Let us plunge right in on some opportunities to participate in some things coming up that we all should be both aware of and considering in the months ahead. The first item is the Athens Centennial Celebration. Our challenge this past year was based on this and those quilts are publicly displayed now, and I believe through the end of the year. On November 17th, which is a Saturday there is going to be a huge Centennial celebration on the square with vendors, businesses etc. all participating. I was approached regarding doing a “Quilt Celebration” on that day where members’ quilts could be displayed, and visitors could see them and be exposed to our Guild. An undertaking of this magnitude is a lot for a group this size even as talented and hard working as we are so a meeting was held with the Dixie Stitchers and the Modern Guild and it was decided we could all benefit from doing some things together to divide the labor and expense of such an endeavor. The plan is to display some quilts made by members from each Guild in the church sanctuary, it has been suggested to drape them over the pews and this would indeed be beautiful! The idea is to let each guild display as many quilts made by members as the space will allow and to use the Rogers Center (where we used to meet) to possibly do a bake sale, have retail space for crafts and or other fund-raising activities along with the other two guilds. Please give this matter your full consideration, and we will discuss further at our meeting. It does seem like a good opportunity for our Guild to both display the talent here and do a bit of fundraising at the same time. If it is something we want to do we will need to get started on planning soon!!!

In the interest of space I will only talk about one other event and this one is in May of 2019. Isom’s Orchard is having a Tea event on Mother’s Day of 2019 and Friendship has been asked to sponsor a table and provide some quilts to hang throughout the orchard for the event. The table seats 10 and we will be responsible for food and decor. However here is the over the moon part- it is possible Southern Living Magazine will be there to cover the event in addition to local media!!! More details to come on this in the future and of course we have more time to plan this if we wish to participate.

A few other mentions, please keep the idea of a website for our Guild in mind. In this day and age not all but many people go first to the web to look for information and this will give us a presence. I will go over details at the meeting. The total cost is $220, including the web designer fee and after that its $120 a year for the web hosting and domain name. If you would like to look at the work of our web designer whom many of you know, Teddy Walcott, go to her personal web page: An example of another is or if you want to see an actual quilt guild site she did check out

Last but not least, the board discussed reinstating the Greeter program. Debbie Yff, our VP put together some cards with our information on them that say “Charmed to meet you” with a mini charm pack attached. This is an excellent idea and something very nice to do for our visitors.

Many wonderful programs are on the horizon with our Vice Presidents working hard to get some great teachers and presentations for us. It is going to be a very good year and I cannot wait to see the things that we will accomplish and learn as a group. To quote Coach Avery Johnson, men’s basketball coach for the Alabama Crimson Tide “Buckle up!” We are definitely going places and doing things!!!

Bettina Carter

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