June’s Meeting & Program – Our Annual Charity Sew Day

June’s program will be our annual Charity Sew Day. This year we chose to make pillowcases for the foster child program. Bring 1 yard each of 2 different fabrics, plus (optional) 2 strips of 2.5 inch contrast. This will make 2 pillowcases with no waste. We’ll demo the 15 Minute Pillowcase with no raw edges.

Bring your machine or a serger, and everything you need to sew.  Irons and mats will be provided. To prepare before the meeting, cut a 9 inch strip from each yard of fabric.  This leaves you with one 9 inch piece and one 27 inch piece of fabric from both yards.

Download Magic Pillowcase PDF

As always, when we’re sewing, we’ll be in the Rogers Center instead of the Revival building. Connecting Threads has a tutorial you can print; attached to newsletter.  Notice that the measurements are slightly different. Kim found a tutorial on youtube.com below:

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Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month.
10:00am in the Revival Center of the 1st Presbyterian Church in Athens
Located on Washington Street between Jefferson and Madison Street